ctucx.git: oeffi-web

A fork of oeffisearch that works without javascript [hosted @ oeffi.ctu.cx]


Öffisearch is a progressive web app for querying public transport information for the DB (and in the future BVG and nah.sh) networks. A hosted version of Öffisearch is available at oeffisear.ch.

This repository consists of multiple modules, which are more or less independent. The HAFAS backend src/backend/hafas can be used to query the HAFAS mgate.exe endpoint directly. The cache and webserver modules allow serving an HTTP API. A unique id is generated for each request, so that the data can be requested again at a later time.


Or nix-shell, to set up the Öffisearch development server using the Nix package manager.


Thanks a lot to Jannis Redmann for his work on hafas-client. While Öffisearch does not use any code from hafas-client, it borrows a lot of the concepts and knowledge about the HAFAS APIs.