ctucx.git: gallery

static-site-generator for image-galleries [used @ photos.ctu.cx]

d0e26ef - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 12:35
gallery.nim, album.html: only show dividier if there are photos and albums
5bed374 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 12:02
picture.html: prefetch prev/next image
0ca925a - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 11:38
gallery.nim improve code
82479e4 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 11:29
gallery.nim: path to mogrify-command as config-option
f3e5dfc - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 11:15
gallery.nim: read formatstring for picture-takestamp from config
117fc89 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 10:48
gallery.nim: code improvements
e35b62c - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 10:44
gallery.nim: Remove thumbSmallWidth config-option
76a0106 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 10:43
gallery.nim: improve placeAssets()
8fbed97 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 10:41
gallery.nim: SortOrder for albums and pictures is now a config-option
4a23d59 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-14 00:22
gallery.nim: fix echo in wrong place
d19f51b - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 21:56
album.js: fix for stupid chrome
02b4e34 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 20:07
album.html: add missing class flex to albums div
2dbba52 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 18:43
gallery.nim: fix wrong height
72583e2 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 18:20
gallery.nim fix crash when no exif-data or no exif-takestamp
b6f2991 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 17:38
gallery.nim: fix wrong variable-name
ac46ef1 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 17:13
picture.html: add open graph and twitter tags
b68eea5 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 17:12
picture.html, album.html: update giturl in generator-tag
52b8eb2 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 17:10
generate jpg thumbnails, use nimjpg/nimexif for exif-parsing, remove exif.js, use flicker's justified-layout library for nice looking layout
41f7525 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 16:51
nimble: update description
ea6c9cc - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 16:50
nimble: add nimjpg dependency
2411e91 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-10 23:28
src/gallery.nim: refactor code, allow dynamic width/height for thumbnails
2024ea5 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-10 19:26
add testconfig.conf to .gitignore
923a2eb - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-10 19:25
src/galery.nim: improve config parsing; set sensible config-defaults
fe4bd76 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-06 17:39
e9ad848 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-01 16:31
gitignore: add test.conf
646f362 - Leah (ctucx)2021-02-28 14:02
gallery.nim: improve config-file handling, cleanup non-existing files in target dir
48dfabc - Leah (ctucx)2021-02-27 21:27
gallery.nim: use joinPath for file checks
92c8605 - Leah Thein2020-12-02 15:43
README: fix code-tags for cgit
7dec2ae - ctucx2020-06-16 21:19
general code-refactoring
3a72255 - ctucx2020-06-13 20:26
show shutterspeed correctly
0f0976c - ctucx2020-05-24 16:47
update readme
01904e9 - ctucx2020-05-24 16:44
support for file-based configuration
61e1ad6 - ctucx2020-05-24 00:43
update README, rename nimble-file
e6889bb - ctucx2020-05-24 00:37
general code refactoring
19162c7 - y0sh2020-05-09 22:45
435e4fc - Milan Pässler2020-04-21 19:03
Invert file check
422ffac - ctucx2020-02-23 17:39