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266f92f - Leah (ctucx)2023-10-20 17:47
requestHandler: post as direct-message if visibility-level is 30 or less
41faf5f - Leah (ctucx)2023-09-20 13:10
requestHandler: check for visibility-change on updates
f01c9f9 - Leah (ctucx)2023-09-01 07:47
requestHandler: private visibility always has the highest priority
862af0f - Leah (ctucx)2023-08-11 12:41
src/requestHandler: add token to status-url
4a6ca4c - Leah (ctucx)2023-06-13 22:02
nixosModule: generate configFile from attrset :)
7304c23 - Leah (ctucx)2023-06-06 16:51
initial commit