ctucx.git: webmusic-nginx

nginx xslt-based index files optimized for music, inspired by https://git.ztn.sh/zotan/webmusic

ac42fd4 - Laura Hausmann2021-05-07 12:23
Fix keyevents for macOS
ae445a4 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-13 02:07
webmusic.js: prevent default action for keydown events
ec45c22 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-09 14:55
improve xsl templates, use internal url-encode function
353f02e - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-08 17:18
remove unnecessary file: playlist.xslt
a447e0c - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-08 14:20
webmusic.xslt: update template
6ba6600 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-08 14:05
webmusic.js: check for playable content
34e37fe - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-08 13:35
webmusic.js: hide selector when track selected
04e1b58 - Isabelle2021-03-07 18:14
webmusic.js: add progress in %
25e8e7d - Isabelle2021-03-07 17:51
webmusic.js: ignore keyboard controls if ctrl or alt is pressed
77bf0fc - Isabelle2021-03-07 17:44
webmusic.js: seeking in track with number keys
d667a3a - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 17:10
webmusic.js: use single quotes everywhere
63b1fa6 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 17:06
use arrow functions everywhere
7a2967b - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 17:03
webmusic.js: use const for audioplayer and variable element in function playSong
5e30210 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 16:57
webmusic.js: use strict mode
a6b5750 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 16:44
add css for previous commit
6ddd586 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 16:44
webmusic.js: use classes for buttons
1067312 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 16:40
add css for previous commit
067eab0 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 16:38
webmusic.js: navigating through files/folders with arrowkeys/enter
a40d6ab - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 16:10
webmusic.js: removed debug prints, better player handling
d1c43ca - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 15:47
webmusic.js: bind to audioplayer-events just once
fd0af3f - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 15:22
webmusic.js: renamed gstate to playerState
b246cd3 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 15:16
webmusic.js: renamed setState to setPlayerState and updateState to updatePlayerState
45ca1f6 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 15:10
needed changes on template and css, replaced spaces with tabs in webmusic.css
9a76452 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 15:01
webmusic.js: refactor continuous- and repeat-button handling
e90cb8b - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 14:10
webmusic.js: general code improvements
197584b - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 13:38
webmusic.js: rename variable 'sound' to 'audioPlayer'
2d4ff76 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 13:37
remove howler.core.js
65cbe3e - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-07 13:36
webmusic.js: replace howler with the native Audio() element
7b9c1e7 - Isabelle K2021-03-07 01:49
webmusic.xslt: add trailing slash to directories
dec620c - ctucx2021-03-07 01:24
webmusic.js: set onclick-event on state element just once
0a9512e - ctucx2021-03-07 01:13
webmusic.js: skip folders
deb0a1e - ctucx2021-03-06 22:52
webmusic.js: navigate through files more smartly
863b2b2 - ctucx2021-03-06 22:52
add class 'dir' to folders, class 'file' to files
4abc74c - ctucx2021-03-06 20:36
webmusic.js: code improovements
45dd844 - ctucx2021-03-06 20:32
webmusic.js: replace spaces with tabs
5b35aa8 - ctucx2021-03-06 20:31
webmusic.js: replace ifs with switch
eed52e4 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-06 13:07
click on back element instead of window.location override
ccc2c9a - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-06 13:06
add id to back button, use list elements
c96ceb8 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-06 00:33
new key-combo: ESC for goto parent folder
fff8c35 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-05 23:10
oopsie: add function that i forgot to commit
f769d3e - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-05 21:53
update nginx-config: allow direct file access but require basic-auth for directory listings
299f2c2 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-05 21:02
Add new key-commands: alias space with p, seeking with arrowkeys left/right, jumping between tracks with arrowkey up/down
900a521 - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-05 20:59
replace deprecated keypress event with onkeyup
340421c - Leah (ctucx)2021-03-05 17:19
initial commit