NameDescriptionLast commit
dns-nixfork of https://github.com/kirelagin/dns.nix2022-09-13 08:06
nixfilesctucx' nixfiles2022-11-28 13:30
bikemap 2022-05-30 17:55
ctucx.thingstodo2022-11-04 22:17
mobile-coverage-mapA map that allows comparison of various mobile networks2022-09-14 08:02
smartie-pwasmarthome web-gui2022-01-27 15:50
stagitctucx' stagit fork2022-08-16 11:17
tastenbrettA custom 50ish% ortholinear keyboard2022-05-28 10:25
webmusic-nginxnginx xslt-based index files optimized for music, inspired by https://git.ztn.sh/zotan/webmusic2021-05-07 10:23
flauschehorn.sexysource-code of flauschehorn.sexy2022-05-17 17:18
fritzbox-exporterprometheus exporter for lte fritzboxes [used @ fbexporter.ctu.cx]2021-04-20 16:12
gallerystatic-site-generator for image-galleries [used @ photos.ctu.cx]2021-03-14 12:35
kvg-kiel-station-departuresget bus-departures in the kiel-region as a simple json2022-01-27 14:49
oeffisearchfast and simple tripplanner [hosted @ oeffisear.ch]2021-06-26 16:56
oeffi-webA fork of oeffisearch that works without javascript [hosted @ oeffi.ctu.cx]2021-03-14 14:36
serial2tcpserial to tcp/ip bridge2022-01-22 15:43
smartiedsmarthome server2021-05-14 16:57
nimlang libraries
nimexifnim-wrapper for libexif2022-01-29 10:50
nimgitnim-wrapper for libgit22021-03-23 19:23
nimhafashafas-client library2021-07-28 15:00
nimjpgparse jpg file header2022-01-29 10:18
dnsmasq-lease-overviewweb-overview for dhcp-leases from dnsmasq2022-01-22 21:43
alpine-pkgsMy personal alpine-packages2021-11-27 21:09
ansible-configsMy personal ansible roles and playbooks2022-01-19 23:02
aur-packagesMy personal aur-packages2021-07-30 18:08
ctucxbot[nimlang] A telegram bot2020-08-15 19:49
dns-zonesMy personal zonefiles [now managed in my nixfiles]2022-04-20 17:38
dotfilesMy personal dotfiles [managed w/ chezmoi]2021-10-12 14:48
fritzboxlte-gnome-extension[js] shitty gnome extension for lte fritzboxes with fritzbox-exporter2020-08-17 15:28
nimstagit[nimlang] incomplete reimplementation of stagit2021-05-08 22:25
nimtradfri[nimlang] incomplete library to interact with ikea tradfri-gateways2020-09-16 07:48
tinyDAV[php] Cal-/ CardDAV server with a simple web-GUI based on SabreDAV2020-06-27 20:06


The best way to contribute to my repositories is through e-mail, check out git-send-email.io if you don’t know how to do that. Send your patches to git@ctu.cx and change the subject prefix to specify the repository you are sending the patch for. You can do that running the following command from the git repository:

git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH <name-of-repository>"