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0fcec90 - Leah (ctucx)2023-05-15 12:45
stagit, stagit-index: responsiveness fix for tables
664a661 - Leah (ctucx)2023-05-15 10:22
style.css: add dark theme
f8a7ba1 - Leah (ctucx)2023-05-13 22:16
stagit, stagit-index: add offset to time in printtimeshort
4b680dc - Leah (ctucx)2022-12-31 12:05
readme: remove atom-feeds from feature-list
1fe9955 - Leah (ctucx)2022-12-10 16:06
add flake.nix
62ef51d - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-08-16 13:17
prefix usage with the common prefix "usage: "
9ee494d - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-08-07 10:10
bump version to 1.2
bf54e29 - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-07-26 23:50
Makefile: add workaround for distros still using older libgit2 versions
ff08202 - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-05-27 21:29
Revert "remain compatible with slightly older libgit versions for now"
eff4b2a - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-05-24 14:07
remain compatible with slightly older libgit versions for now
a2ad470 - Anton Lindqvist2022-05-24 10:58
Allow git to run on an other user repository
e355ec5 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-28 17:51
summary: always generate page
1edd193 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-28 17:50
about: rename to summary
aac2476 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-28 12:15
update README.md
c22fd72 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-26 19:33
Makefile: link to libm to do floating point math
76382c6 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-26 18:19
add new css
17e68fe - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-26 18:04
stagit-index: refactor html output
7a812ea - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-26 18:02
stagit-index: add option '-e <value>' to store an email-address
3ef3c36 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-26 18:01
stagit-index: add option '-n <value> to store a pagename
de4a14d - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 14:57
about: show clone-urls if available
9f9634f - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 14:57
implement option '-s <value>' to store a ssh cloneurl
a7d019f - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 14:54
implement option '-h <value>' to store a http cloneurl
aef9598 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 14:43
write{header,footer} refactor html output
f819123 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 14:41
implement option '-n <value>' to store a pagename
94ff57d - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 13:59
about: show last two commits above readme
1afb160 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 13:47
about: refactor html output
d6dc262 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 13:42
move writeblobhtml between writeblobraw and writeblobpage
e8ba7a7 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 13:34
rename: writeblob -> writeblobpage
138291a - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 13:27
rename: printshowfile -> writecommitdiff
ea81cac - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 13:26
rename: printcommit -> writecommit
7d85ec5 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 13:09
commit: refactor html output
e6c4833 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 13:00
log: refactor html output
a915737 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 12:36
writeblobhtml: refactor html output
94aabf3 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 12:30
writeblob: refactor html output
403caa5 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 12:26
writeblob: link to parent-folder with path before filename
2780792 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 11:43
writefilestree: refactor html output
acafafc - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 11:25
writefilestree: print filesize for text-files in bytes and format bytes human-readable
671c6e1 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 10:24
writerefs: refactor html output
af5fb6f - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 00:38
writeblob: implement 'entrypath' argument
6ef8965 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 00:28
writefooter: show time of generation
e360cf0 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-24 00:04
remove: cloneurl
aedc9b9 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-23 23:38
writeheader: use the 'mode' argument to add 'active' class to current active page in the menu
1becf81 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-23 22:54
writeheader: implement mode argument
b09e5c6 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-23 21:55
rename file(s) to tree
28207c0 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-23 18:49
readme: also detect 'readme.md' as readme and render it's content to html
abad2b6 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-23 18:44
format_bytes: add function to format bytes into human-readable string
f33c535 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-23 18:36
commitinfo_getbyid: add short_oid
a396a52 - Leah (ctucx)2022-05-22 14:19
remove: atom-feed generators
82b8f21 - Oscar Benedito2022-04-03 00:48
Customize dark theme
b721a32 - Oscar Benedito2022-04-02 23:36
Merge tag '1.1'
a8a5e9c - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-04-02 17:35
bump version to 1.1
d0e36eb - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-03-19 12:22
improve stream read and write error handling
7c419a8 - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-03-15 16:58
add dark mode support for the example stylesheet
7b8dc78 - Oscar Benedito2022-01-13 19:26
Stop using dumb http protocol
f417217 - Oscar Benedito2022-01-06 19:28
Add contribute link to homepage contribute section
a35b505 - Oscar Benedito2022-01-06 16:27
Unify scripts and add unlisted repositories
037d2c7 - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-01-03 12:22
bump LICENSE year
4d19863 - Hiltjo Posthuma2022-01-03 12:21
libgit2 config opts: set the search to an empty path
df2a31c - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-12-14 20:51
do not percent-encode: ',' or '-' or '.' it looks ugly
c7e9208 - Oscar Benedito2021-12-08 18:32
Minor update to README and added myself to license
64adeb0 - Oscar Benedito2021-12-08 18:29
Merge tag '1.0'
cd5814f - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-11-30 18:13
bump version to 1.0
67e5e6c - Quentin Rameau2021-11-16 18:17
Print the number of remaining commits
5f78d89 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-11-16 14:24
ignore '\r' in writing the blob aswell
6eeefd2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-11-16 14:16
percent encode characters in path names
961cf0f - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-11-16 11:44
encode the name, it could contain XML entities
de33eb0 - Oscar Benedito2021-10-09 20:52
Add SVG favicon on stagit-index
1b6a24c - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-08-03 19:22
man pages: add EXAMPLES section
61be8f5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-07-31 01:09
small typo fixes and url -> URL
eed0237 - Oscar Benedito2021-06-10 22:50
Merge tag '0.9.6'
57f84d0 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-05-27 12:41
bump version to 0.9.6
4539400 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-05-18 11:42
man page: codemadness is the primary server. make logo brandless (not 2f30)
ddc581b - Quentin Rameau2021-05-18 10:38
README: improve a bit the usage examples
c827ab1 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-05-05 19:15
do not simplify the history by first-parent
727e02b - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-03-25 18:17
tiny comment change
295e4b8 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-03-25 18:13
add function to print a single line, ignoring \r and \n
df9d7d2 - Oscar Benedito2021-03-22 19:21
Add "Personal setup" category
e3adef3 - Oscar Benedito2021-03-22 11:01
sr.ht to Sourcehut
995f7d5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-03-19 11:29
add meta viewport on stagit-index too
f689042 - Oscar Benedito2021-03-18 21:55
Change meta description for consistency
7a058a7 - Oscar Benedito2021-03-18 20:57
Merge tag '0.9.5'
f464058 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-03-14 16:23
bump version to 0.9.5
c4d5fec - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-03-05 12:47
LICENSE: update
5ced189 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-03-05 12:44
change STAGIT_BASEURL to an -u option and also update the example script
7968c0b - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-03-05 11:51
add $STAGIT_BASEURL environment variable to make Atom links absolute
d1c528f - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-03-05 11:50
README: mention tags.xml feature
722f836 - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-01-09 14:59
micro-optimization: fputc (function) -> putc (macro/inline function)
5044dde - Hiltjo Posthuma2021-01-08 14:32
LICENSE: bump year
ed551de - Oscar Benedito2020-12-13 19:07
Delete GitLab link, add sr.ht
e1c0aeb - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-11-28 12:28
fix warning with libgit2 v0.99+, remain compatible with older versions
8e61a5f - Oscar Benedito2020-11-24 23:22
Fix symlinks to .git folder
66df204 - Oscar Benedito2020-11-16 23:24
add abbreviated commit hash to submodule file
a63645a - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-11-15 21:11
add meta viewport for scaling on mobile
ae41add - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-11-15 21:11
style.css: improve contrast
fc5ef41 - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-11-15 20:59
use size_t to count lines
4f60446 - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-11-15 20:58
avoid shadowed `name' global variable
9467f34 - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-11-15 20:58
refs_cmp: remove unneeded cast
3e7865f - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-11-15 20:58
use LEN() macros for arrays
ffeb55a - Oscar Benedito2020-10-30 22:28
Add support for categories
ad3d321 - Oscar Benedito2020-10-30 20:34
Fix endlines in stagit-index
854bb3b - Miquel Ortega2020-09-22 15:55
Fix wrong memory deallocation
72286f3 - Oscar Benedito2020-09-10 19:38
Fix memory leak
d833220 - Oscar Benedito2020-09-10 17:42
Improve directory navigation UX
ecd0f6f - Miquel Ortega2020-09-10 15:37
Add separate listing page for every directory
ea2f852 - Oscar Benedito2020-09-10 01:11
Add tracked commit short OID to submodules
1e35b0f - Oscar Benedito2020-08-30 21:15
Add raw file output
b97a476 - Oscar Benedito2020-08-19 18:14
All elements to 800px
71e8bb8 - Oscar Benedito2020-08-18 21:48
Merge tag '0.9.4'
75555cd - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-08-17 16:09
bump version to 0.9.4
600f5d3 - Oscar Benedito2020-07-31 17:53
Update README and convert to Markdown
a32ba26 - Oscar Benedito2020-07-31 17:29
Logo from png to svg file
c5e861f - Oscar Benedito2020-07-31 17:28
Design changes
1fdbc7e - Oscar Benedito2020-07-31 16:56
Add about page for repos with REAMDE
5334f3e - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-08-10 16:09
fix a small memleak in writeatom()
dc0709f - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-08-08 20:01
stagit-index: remove unveil support for argv
174a763 - kst2020-08-05 22:11
fix submodule lookup in bare repos
0a81a2f - Oscar Benedito2020-07-11 22:20
Add Git fetching through http
2362fc8 - Oscar Benedito2020-07-10 19:37
Change appearence of stagit-index
d04741c - Oscar Benedito2020-07-10 14:11
Added contributing information
0cdc59b - Oscar Benedito2020-07-06 11:06
Responsive design
ecbac75 - Oscar Benedito2020-06-22 23:29
Add my assets
f05e6b0 - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-07-20 14:15
regression: do not show unset or empty tags
d80a163 - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-07-19 16:41
refactor get reference, add another feed for tags/releases
693c064 - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-07-19 14:07
sort branches and tags by time (descending)
65a2b97 - Oscar Benedito2020-06-22 22:07
Unify assets
659b096 - Oscar Benedito2020-06-22 22:07
Add .gitignore
3c1a822 - Oscar Benedito2020-06-20 02:16
favicon: png to ico
467dfeb - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-02-23 20:30
bump version to 0.9.3
bbeffc2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-02-21 13:46
atom.xml: improve output format a bit
2f7e7f2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2020-02-12 23:20
improve includes, stagit-index does not need compat.h
4a93974 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-12-29 19:02
style.css: highlight anchor ids, useful for linking highlighting lines in a diff
31c0f00 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-12-22 12:53
small code-style white-space/newline
edee68f - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-12-01 18:31
add OpenBSD unveil support
b5607f7 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-12-01 18:26
some README tweaks and rewording, reordering
adaff71 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-12-01 18:26
Makefile improvements
d6937c1 - Leonardo Taccari2019-05-05 19:11
README: works also on NetBSD
c783e54 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-04-23 20:53
bump version to 0.9.2
028c752 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-03-16 13:07
escape HTML in paths
bb1d06e - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-03-09 12:39
pedantic snprintf() improvement
587b014 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-03-01 11:49
fix issues in example scripts
477d501 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-02-22 11:13
bump version to 0.9.1
9224d31 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-02-09 15:02
Makefile: add DOCPREFIX for installing docs in ports
3fbef5c - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-02-07 21:00
change order of commits in log from most recent to old to applied order
583c443 - Hiltjo Posthuma2019-02-03 15:24
fix compile: libgit2 0.28 changed giterr_last to git_error_last
9ad1cb6 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-12-25 13:44
bump version to 0.9
1df3f33 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-12-25 13:39
style: keep default browser style for links, except patch chunks
3a15152 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-11-18 18:08
in the diffstat prefix the type of change, allow CSS styling
608593b - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-11-18 18:07
don't use a heuristic for renames, the content must match exactly
c100c3c - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-11-18 18:06
detect filetype changes in diff (for example a normal file to symlink)
84bb221 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-11-11 18:23
detect more names for README and LICENSE
8c45dfc - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-11-11 18:09
detect copies and renames based on the threshold of changes
1750948 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-08-19 22:03
simplify range check
1f76a28 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-08-19 14:06
stagit: log: indicate when using the -l option and there are more commits
187daac - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-05-25 18:43
assume OpenBSD 5.9+, always try pledge(2) on OpenBSD
c7f158c - Quentin Rameau2018-05-09 18:51
Clarify usage regarding -c and -l mutual exclusion
66e3410 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-04-07 14:14
bump version to 0.8
6a1224a - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-04-06 19:28
stagit-index: pledge after git_libgit2_init
3c07e52 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-03-26 20:08
pledge after git_libgit2_init
f53f481 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-03-18 15:34
optimization: only diff the tree when it is needed for the diffstat...
20c37e4 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-01-28 16:27
README: improve tarball generation by tag example
31392c1 - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-01-21 16:47
stagit: add -l option: limit the amount of commits for the log.html file
2f2ecde - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-01-21 15:23
bump LICENSE to 2018
67a862d - Hiltjo Posthuma2018-01-20 13:18
style.css: improve compatibility with older browsers, namely dillo
fd3a542 - Quentin Rameau2017-12-02 19:04
Remove a non-portable syntax in Makefile
fb0ec82 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-25 16:06
Makefile: bump version to 0.7.2
020673b - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-25 16:02
post-receive: fix warning in script for example when pushing deleted tags
1add4bf - Aaron Marcher2017-11-25 12:09
Sort style.css in alphabetical order
04d36c3 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-19 14:58
Makefile: bump version to 0.7.1
2ff0c0d - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-19 14:52
fix: add "fattr" pledge for chmod(2) for cachefile
6662b8e - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-18 12:53
Makefile: bump version to 0.7
870b024 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-11 01:34
Makefile: remove unused $SCRIPTS
26bd89f - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-10 20:55
fix file permissions for cachefile and respect umask(2)
1bab695 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-11-10 20:53
more verbose errors: show which file failed on open
2a56695 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-10-31 23:25
README: clarify some cons
cfbf4a1 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-10-31 23:20
post-receive hook: force UTF-8 locale
d7e003a - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-09-04 18:14
allow umask to handle permissions
8787f49 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-08-09 18:52
ignore object 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
304d095 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-08-02 18:54
bump version for a release soon
5fa9dcb - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-08-02 18:45
example_create.sh: make executable
bdcf38b - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-07-30 17:21
improve example scripts, add to build (Makefile)
4e307d3 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-07-15 13:50
improve example, add initial post-receive example
0f428f1 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-07-06 13:20
README: add example for a git hook and to set the url file
daf5185 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-07-05 20:25
README: add example to create tar.gz archives by tag
2e967c5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-06-25 12:28
Makefile: remove TODO
c880dfe - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-06-23 14:03
remove TODO
f843248 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-06-23 13:53
separate getstats from getbyoid: slightly faster
54a8a7c - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-05-07 13:12
for the commit Date: header use the git format-patch format
7cb669f - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-05-07 12:02
dont truncate summary length anymore
dc8d0c8 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-05-05 00:23
remove config.def.h: it was not used anymore
8fa0eff - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-22 19:07
improve commitinfo_getstats
8eabe24 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-22 14:38
improve documentation
e9e7978 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-17 16:39
align line numbers to 8 spaces
8e4eb29 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-17 16:16
writeblobhtml: minor style fix
394d90b - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-17 13:39
stagit: fix rendering of first TAB in file
99583ee - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-17 13:13
stagit-index: also dont assume someones <html lang> :)
7bb7dc5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-17 13:06
stagit-index: remove Content-Language: en
f9e7dc8 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-16 20:59
writeblobhtml: fix possible uninitialized variable n when len == 0
44b20f3 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-16 20:37
writeblobhtml: improve file view for text-browsers
4035291 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-16 20:36
stagit-index: remove empty h1 and add bold markup to table headers
980fa8e - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-16 20:36
text-browser improvements
dc49505 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-16 20:32
README: advertise text-browser improvements
9abf8a0 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-16 20:32
LICENSE: bump year
ab3fdd7 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-15 12:56
browser compatibility: use numeric entity for '
bba55b6 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-04-01 19:33
writeblobhtml, make fprintf format string const
821a948 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-25 13:28
README: add instructions to build static binaries
9884619 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-25 13:14
Makefile: change () to {} consistently
1d91c79 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-12 21:30
fix potential leak, found by clang-analyzer
ae6461d - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-12 21:24
fix memory leak of commitinfo
543107c - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-12 19:51
atom.xml: add newline before EOF
0f05e4b - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-12 19:50
fix memory leak of commitinfo->parent
7a51594 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-12 19:50
fix memory leak of blob object
e862768 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-12 19:49
simplify/shorten pledge stub
6b48169 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-03-12 19:47
reduce scope of repodir, remove unused branch parameter
82aefe6 - Hiltjo Posthuma2017-01-05 18:47
bump version to 0.5
92cee02 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-11-09 18:28
also remove language and text direction attribute from <html>
9e96062 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-11-09 17:49
remove Content-Language: en
300a249 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-10-14 12:12
stagit.1: also document linking to git submodules: .gitmodules file
7844a95 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-10-13 18:10
stagit.1: clarify README and LICENSE link creation
de7f5fc - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-09-15 20:44
simplify example.sh, thanks emg for the suggestion!
e19351c - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-07-20 18:15
update LICENSE
1206946 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-07-02 12:44
config.mk: remove -lc
30116a4 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-29 15:04
treat an empty repo (without a HEAD) as valid
44a49f5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-29 13:06
improve example: strip .git suffix
837427b - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-21 18:37
refs_cmp: simplify check, functionally the same
df3ea10 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-08 20:35
check if LICENSE, README and .gitmodules is a file blob
518556d - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-07 15:03
release 0.4
972617e - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-07 14:43
update TODO
a7dd578 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-07 14:38
simplify, id is unused
f89c317 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-07 14:34
simplify, no need for goto
f8e30cf - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-07 14:33
improve stagit.1 documentation, reword and explain caching behaviour
2f8595e - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-07 14:29
consistency for messages for special-case in diffstat
f63edd5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-07 13:52
fix error in "code cleanup" commit 9328d2690e118127bcaa5cf9f665d8e7711f7a03
6e5e218 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-06 12:01
fix and simplify time offset
c6e8f9f - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-06 11:49
make diffstat files an anchor (jump to delta)
5435820 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-03 20:42
fix joinpath(): use of global 'repodir', should be 'path'
2d8eb85 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-03 20:28
fix regression from last commit
9328d26 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-03 20:18
code cleanup
069f105 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-03 00:38
remove config.h, add options to stagit.c
aa36e0c - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-03 00:33
add OpenBSD pledge(2) support using -DUSE_PLEDGE
eae9437 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-02 21:48
example.sh: use cache file
f5301b2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-02 21:23
style: write atom feed end in one write, kills 2 lines
1a3584e - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-01 17:54
cache support (-c option)
ede93fa - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-01 19:08
small code cleanup: no need for status variable
45ee687 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-01 17:20
atom feed: use published for author commit date, updated for committer date
462ba66 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-01 16:10
fix times (and timezone)
7a1da0b - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-01 14:41
README: minor update
fc60d78 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-01 14:38
fix path join '/'
c13c411 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-05-01 14:09
code cleanup + style, functionally equivalent
254f215 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-30 13:08
layout: right align lines changed count in diffstat
7067223 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-30 12:00
optimization: suppress large diffs
914880f - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-30 11:54
optimization: read stats once and remember it
0bc47da - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-29 21:52
example.sh: fix: sort list (regression from simplifying the script)
ad40433 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-29 21:24
whoops, module is m---------
5c278a6 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-29 21:14
submodule support
671f4e9 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-29 16:39
suppress meaningless error codes when a repo can't be opened (similar to stagit-index)
bc7515e - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-29 16:38
improve example, remove sort hack
a524ca1 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-29 15:57
make submodule link black, easier to read
f2773b0 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-29 15:55
minor style fix
b8af751 - Quentin Rameau2016-04-29 14:01
Fix null pointer access for submodules in writefilestree
375d41d - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-29 12:32
tweak style of showing submodules
571076b - z3bra2016-04-29 01:40
Don't fail on submodules
2873021 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-27 19:24
fix: check gmtime, can return NULL on error
8df5492 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-27 19:19
resolve absolute paths to repodir, remove basename just use strrchr.
70b7778 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-27 16:40
stagit-index: remove unused efopen function
86bbe82 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-04-27 16:39
fix: link to line in hunk if a patch has multiple files and hunks
09a49b3 - sin2016-03-25 09:30
clean generated tarball too
0328079 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-03-20 17:29
Makefile: use NAME variable, suggested by Quentin
cd6a519 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-03-20 16:23
Makefile: separate CPPFLAGS, compile optimized build by default
761417d - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-03-20 15:36
improve make dist, thanks Quentin Rameau
41c90a9 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-03-20 14:19
premature version bumperation, 0.4 (unreleased)
6775e26 - FRIGN2016-03-01 17:15
Choose better colors for the diff page
c379d65 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-03-01 19:14
add titles to pages, summary for commit messages, filename for files
78c29a1 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-02-26 19:59
fix right-alignment of "Files" column
2b50046 - lostd2016-01-20 16:36
Use the recommended HTML5 document type.
ad22404 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-02-24 14:47
check path truncation
f4f53c5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-02-24 14:41
config.mk: add -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE to commented builds
8bf328b - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-02-23 20:44
atom feed: add link, move content order to bottom
5578784 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-02-23 20:37
make printshowfile more generic and like other functions
ce535ae - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-21 20:42
just use Name as first column, thanks quinq for the suggestion
75b4b23 - Quentin Rameau2016-01-21 18:34
Rename “Age” column headers into “Date”
502b95c - Quentin Rameau2016-01-18 12:47
fix file tree handling
9693d1d - z3bra2016-01-18 10:31
use 'dirname' as error message for xdirname
4f56d5d - Quentin Rameau2016-01-10 00:48
fix file size byte unit suffix
d8bad43 - Quentin Rameau2016-01-10 00:47
stop glibc complaining about _BSD_SOURCE being deprecated
79fab7c - Quentin Rameau2016-01-10 00:47
replace file size with line count for text files
50dccf0 - sin2016-01-13 18:56
Rename Refs/branches to Refs
2296f51 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-08 22:17
example.sh: fix: remove error mode, would stop if a dir was invalid
8983c80 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-08 21:27
example.sh: fix go to appropriate dir
9349806 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-08 20:08
implify and restructure code
efe16db - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-08 13:42
stagit-index: clarify order of the list
fd66a29 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-08 13:39
example.sh: add index-time.html, list sorted by time, fix reposdir '/'
9a78132 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-08 10:24
premature version bumperation (0.3) for git
3cc1509 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-07 17:37
atom: add newline after date and before message
12a96d4 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 20:04
update man pages: document stripping of .git suffix
ede4982 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 20:00
strip .git suffix from name
db02820 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 19:59
extra whitespace
73f259f - sin2016-01-06 18:36
Update README - it also works on FreeBSD
c576a7a - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 19:19
style: vertical-align header text
3aa8ac2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 19:14
update TODO
9978fec - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 19:13
refs: only make commit link work for tags
512a31e - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 19:11
free obj
e45eac8 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 18:58
LICENSE: whoops its already 2016
94eba1c - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 18:55
LICENSE: add dimitris to license/shareholder file
650d6c9 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 18:51
old leftover: dont create log dir
aa3b813 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 18:50
cleanup code a bit
6a427c7 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 18:33
style.css: wrap description text, nowrap for rest
264aef8 - sin2016-01-06 17:44
Be more explicit when stripping the .git suffix
cae9950 - sin2016-01-06 17:18
No need for -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200809L
bd854ac - sin2016-01-06 17:05
Always use the compat functions
2809fd3 - sin2016-01-06 17:02
Bring in reallocarray() from OpenBSD
87360fe - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 17:45
use git_reference for tags and branches, sort branches also
c750958 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 16:04
fix cast to uintmax_t
ee4c340 - sin2016-01-06 14:57
Change default MANPREFIX to be ${PREFIX}/man
f631d4c - sin2016-01-06 14:46
stagit-index: Strip per repo .git suffix from generated index
d045340 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 15:35
lookup commits of annotated tags
9128782 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 15:19
fix warning, use intmax_t %ju, thanks stateless!
824526a - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 11:56
premature version bumperation
e2b6fa1 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 11:56
improve README
e451b0b - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-06 11:24
improve Makefile
6f7d23c - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 22:32
tiny whitespace fix
a8943ce - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 22:30
stagit-index: continue making list, but return error code
35a3d9b - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:43
fix relpath for log
f373cc7 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:43
clone url is one line, strip newline
e51ec34 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:42
refs: fix table id for tags
48a09a0 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:42
refs: remove link, it may be broken for non-HEAD
a6b29cb - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:42
make hunk line itself a link
99a8b8a - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:41
style: darkblue for hunk like cgit, hunk line is now a link
f17def2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:41
stagit-index: owner is one line, strip newline
289ecda - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:40
example.sh: make symlinks to style, icons and index by default
4f31894 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:04
revert log.html to log/head.html change
200ccad - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-05 21:03
fix newline after header
444e41b - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-04 23:55
fix link to commit from log page
a89e756 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-04 23:41
stagit: fix hunk header, thanks uggedal for reporting!
122af50 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-03 22:44
update TODO
00fb6ea - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-03 22:42
fix link in stagit-index, update documentation, add TODO
f96ac27 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-03 22:36
no log per branch
0436097 - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-03 21:45
rename refs to refs/branches
a83a75b - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-03 21:21
refs: add link to log per branch
465d72a - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-03 21:15
refs: dont make a table when there are no tags, add spacing between
e10f79a - Hiltjo Posthuma2016-01-03 21:06
add refs page (branches and tags)
c226554 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-27 19:05
improve README
ef3f1ef - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 21:07
add stagit.c
81dd454 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 21:05
rename urmoms to stagit, improve documentation
8c58750 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 20:58
nvm, dont strip .git from bare repos
781beb4 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 20:46
add example script to make repo index and files per dir
114899a - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 20:11
664e60e - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 13:08
Makefile: link for COMPAT
597e3cd - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 13:01
add compat.h
e4e03b3 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 12:57
strip suffix .git used typically for bare repos
3da41fa - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 12:57
humanreadable filemodes (code from sbase ls)
a7dd8c5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 12:56
align filesize header right, minor code-style
9c7e2c5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 12:56
fix dirname for glibc
1778cba - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 12:55
allow to specify clone url, displayed in header
955c377 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 12:54
update TODO
63a7164 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-26 12:54
index: highlight row on mouseover
9295d3f - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-25 17:49
remove TODO from code, see TODO file
1cc9f5f - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-25 17:49
README: atleast libgit2 v0.22 is required (API)
55556b6 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-25 17:48
compat: add strlcpy, strlcat, for glibc
543e74e - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-24 20:58
fix libgit2 include, it is in the include path
ae62051 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 21:49
remove double newline bloat
b8fc561 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 21:34
update README and improve man pages
2e4ed81 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 21:13
urmoms-index: kill some lines
75cba4e - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 20:42
rewrite writefiles, now works with bare repos
09e1377 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 20:42
README: add install and dependencies instructions
304c896 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 20:42
style.css: maximize contrast for text
5436dd7 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 17:11
update TODO
7102cfd - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 17:11
add urmoms-index, initial version
372fe8d - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 17:11
writelog: remove return value, it was unused
e01336e - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 17:10
improve fopen flag: remove b and r+ in some case
2ab268d - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-20 17:09
use relative url in header, escape name and description too
6414c8b - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-17 22:59
set diff options
8ea5831 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-17 22:56
free the tree
d073ffa - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-17 19:53
file_size is uint32_t on latest libgit2, thanks uggedal for reporting it!
c3014aa - FRIGN2015-12-14 12:49
Add config.def.h and make summary length configurable
f33bca4 - Eivind Uggedal2015-12-11 10:03
Dynamic relpath for blob pages
57d70b0 - Eivind Uggedal2015-12-10 22:35
Right align numbers in tables
0a4451b - Eivind Uggedal2015-12-10 22:24
Line numbers on blob pages
3f77fb2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-10 19:51
fix warning
d77d972 - Eivind Uggedal2015-12-10 18:13
file page improvements
23fdbb0 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-09 23:56
fix warning + minor style
27397b3 - Eivind Uggedal2015-12-09 22:46
Write blobs to files/
43a7d4d - FRIGN2015-12-09 23:48
Make border solid
a0e2be5 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-09 23:02
update TODO
0f5deec - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-09 22:55
open repo: dont try to detect repos above the specified dir
e489408 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-09 22:55
walk revision by time and only "flat"
b634cfd - Eivind Uggedal2015-12-09 09:43
Simplify diff markup
1363b8b - Eivind Uggedal2015-12-09 08:30
Simplify style and make output more legible
21ffbb0 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-09 21:02
also free objects for haslicense and hasreadme checks, cleanup
5fdaca3 - Eivind Uggedal2015-12-09 12:31
Free git objects
db7fb9b - FRIGN2015-12-08 00:36
Add myself to LICENSE
2aa0e24 - FRIGN2015-12-08 00:34
Remove hardcoded right-align
66e007e - FRIGN2015-12-08 00:23
Add pre
afcb86a - FRIGN2015-12-08 00:17
Refactor style.css
52520a4 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 23:54
f69f33e - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 23:23
log: reorder time as first column
1d9324a - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 23:22
truncate message in log, shorter time format
c5c6741 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 23:22
simplify time format
b1ad5e2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 23:01
update TODO
9c1862c - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 23:00
rework code, "cache" commit data in struct commitinfo
1b4f30b - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 21:35
cleanup + some better error handling
a0dbff9 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 21:34
performance tweak: check if commit file exists, if so skip
8de7a32 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 21:20
logo is 32x32
86c970e - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 21:19
style: center menu and make title smaller
55b823b - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 21:16
fix when commit has no parent
a523491 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 20:53
update README with basic usage
437d99f - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 20:46
update TODO
fe58555 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 20:46
detect binary diff, comment index + delta header for now (broken)
18e6c1b - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 20:00
dont use reverse diff
a73ca04 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 19:58
simplify + style fixes
673122b - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 19:46
highlight/make bold some fields
a20e271 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 19:34
escape commit msg, dont indent it
9d26489 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 19:01
fix relpath for files, small cleanup
9b10046 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 19:00
fix: check readme and license before writing header
0808028 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 19:00
improve HTML code
53d6b47 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 19:00
make file in diff a link, make hunk and link anchor
ded9719 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 18:59
commit: use simple shortstat
17f9f53 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 18:59
make author e-mail a link
51ecd71 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 18:58
improve Atom feed
e3006c9 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 18:57
improve header and footer
d16e00a - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 18:57
style.css: improve style, add highlight colors for diff
0298936 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 18:56
update README with some features and update TODO
5215103 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 16:40
print file as table, add link
45d8d2f - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 16:14
add atom feed support + some fixes
77260d2 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 15:22
improve log, fix warnings
87f3a5a - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 14:41
add favicon
beb7a3b - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 14:26
add diffstat
a95a439 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 14:07
initial diff support, fix log link
04eeb7f - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-07 14:07
update TODO with wanted features
46eae58 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-06 22:34
read README and LICENSE from repo, escape as HTML
59912de - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-05 21:11
fix menu separator if one or both of license or readme is missing
b069cb6 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-05 21:07
add Makefile and config.mk
8b6a646 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-05 21:01
urmoms.1: initial manpage
3872d9e - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-05 20:59
detect name and description
7294b10 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-05 20:43
add README and LICENSE file-detection
415e3fd - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-05 20:22
rewrite in C with libgit2, first version
bda4633 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-05 00:37
5734f7a - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-05 00:36
style.css: sane style
336b746 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-04 23:40
c6d8a37 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-04 17:26
598615f - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-04 17:11
add usage for urmoms, update TODO
acd2400 - Hiltjo Posthuma2015-12-04 16:58
initial insertion