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a custom 50ish% ortholinear keyboard

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 # tastenbrett
 A custom 50ish% ortholinear keyboard.

@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ A custom 50ish% ortholinear keyboard.
 * Hardware Availability: i still have some pcbs, contact me(ctucx) if u want one ;)
 ## the hardware:
-![image of the pcb](https://git.ctu.cx/ctucx/tastenbrett/raw/branch/master/img/tastenbrrett_pcb.png)   
+![image of the pcb](https://cgit.ctu.cx/tastenbrett/plain/img/tastenbrrett_pcb.png)   
 I made the pcb layout with easyEDA.   
 You can find it [here on easyeda](https://easyeda.com/le0nth3in/50-keyboard) and an export of it as well as the gerber files  in the pcb folder in this repo.

@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ But you could probably also laser-cut one out of wood or plexiglass or desisgn a
 ## qmk
 The default-layout looks like this:    
-![image of the default layout](https://git.ctu.cx/ctucx/tastenbrett/raw/branch/master/img/tastenbrett_layout.png)
+![image of the default layout](https://cgit.ctu.cx/tastenbrett/plain/img/tastenbrett_layout.png)
 Get a fresh copy of qmk and then copy the content of the qmk folder in this repo as "tastenbrett" to the "keyboards" folder of qmk.