ctucx.git: tastenbrett

a custom 50ish% ortholinear keyboard



A custom 50ish% ortholinear keyboard.

the hardware:

image of the pcb
I made the pcb layout with easyEDA.
You can find it here on easyeda and an export of it as well as the gerber files in the pcb folder in this repo.

The needed parts are:


Well, i just used a second pcb as backplate for mine.
But you could probably also laser-cut one out of wood or plexiglass or desisgn a case and 3d print it.


The default-layout looks like this:
image of the default layout

Get a fresh copy of qmk and then copy the content of the qmk folder in this repo as "tastenbrett" to the "keyboards" folder of qmk.

Then u can build a qmk firmware with:
make tastenbrett:default

and flash it with:
make tastenbrett:default:flash

Look at qmk's build environment setup and make instructions for more information.